We think other way to sell furniture is possible. We analyzed the value chain in the manufacture of furniture and discovered new opportunities.

When we think in low cost furniture, normally we think in furniture made of laminated wood or plastic in other continents . Probably you have to mount it and transport it to your home.

Our proposal are solid wood furniture from sustainable forests, eco-designed and low cost.


7 reasons explain our proposal:

1) Natural wood furniture: Do you know the lacquered or painted furniture doubles (or triples) the price of the piece?

We sell the furniture in polished natural wood.

You decide: you can use the furniture as well or you can give it a coat of paint.

 2) Solid Wood Furniture:

Low cost not means low resistant: our furniture are made of solid wood and are very resistant. The beds support up to 200 kg for example.

3) Made in Europe

They are manufactured just in time near of you. Normally you have your order at home in one week. This saves on storage costs and transport and you get better prices.

4) Sustainable

Manufacturers certified in the use of sustainable wood (PEFC certified) and eco-design

5) No physical store: you do not have to come for it, we send it to your home
This mains costs saving for us. We will ship the order directly to your home. Some references are assembled and others come unassembled, but with a simple manual instructions that can be mounted without any problems

6) You do your furniture DIFFERENT and SPECIAL

Do not you get tired of seeing the same furniture in the house of your friends and neighbors? Is not this a bit boring?

7) Configurable to suit your needs: why pay for a new bed base if you can use an old one?

You can set up the furniture at your convenience: you can buy the bed with bed base or not, with protective bar for smaller, with storage drawer or trundle bed... among many other options.

This allows us to offer quality furniture and resistant to very good price.

We will soon have the web in your language. ..meanwhile you can see the whole collection on our website and ask us to send personalized pricing for your location via mail to hola@personalizatumueble.com

We have already sold more than 10,000 products in Spain


Beds from 29 €



Chairs from 16,90 €



Dining rooms' furniture from 99 €